My research explores the rhetorical traffic between science, medicine, and public culture. I work equally in the rhetoric of science and the rhetoric of medicine, and my perspective is deeply inflected by the field of disability studies, which contributes social, ethical, and political implications to the questions I ask about the human body and mind. In addition to my position as a faculty member in the University of Wisconsin’s Department of Communication Arts, I am a member of the Disability Studies Initiative, a faculty affiliate in the Department of Life Sciences Communication, and serve on the steering committee for the Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies. I also serve as the member-at-large for the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts.

News and travels: This fall I’m on research leave, and will be doing quite a bit of traveling. I’ll be spending much of September and October as a Visiting Scholar in the Yale-Hastings Program for Ethics and Health Policy, where I’ll be working on my new book project on bioethics, and in November, I’ll be in Chicago to deliver three papers at the National Communication Conference.